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“We are a completely legal service that verifies your existing knowledge, allowing you to obtain degrees in Bachelor’s, Master’s, and PhD without needing to attend courses. Here, after you register on our website and complete your application, we will document your degree request and then legally submit it to the international university INTIAU. We guarantee 100% success in obtaining your academic degree.”

Your questions answered

1. How can I be sure of the legitimacy of the degree?

Answer: You can confirm the authenticity of the degree issued by us through the official portal of the university. ToHave is officially recognized as an agent of INTIAU Oxford University, and all our documents are issued in accordance with the university's standards. Please visit https://intiau.ac.ir.university/university-information-system/recognition-of-prior-learning/ for more details.

2. How can I be sure of the authenticity and process?

Answer: You will experience every step of the process in a clear and structured manner. After successful university registration, you will receive your university-provided username and password for the student system of the international Azad university (INTIAU) via email. Additionally, after graduation, you can verify the legitimacy of your degree through the university’s alumni system. Therefore, there's no need for concern. Stay positive, enjoy our professional services, and engage with confidence, knowing you are dealing with professionals.

3. Can I request my university degree to be backdated?

Answer: Yes, you can indicate your graduation year and we can backdate your degree. However, we cannot future date your degree.

4. What is the legal backing for degrees?

Answer: All of our degrees are able to be verified and certified by a lawyer / notary public, government and embassies. We represent of the international Azad university (INTIAU) and we provide "lifetime support service". Whenever you have questions or problems, we are ready to help you.

5. What language will the degree certificate be issued in?

Answer: The degree certificate will be issued in British English, conforming to the standards of INTIAU Oxford, as specified in your order request.

6. Is the degree accredited and can it be used internationally?

Answer: Yes, the degree issued by ToHave is fully valid and legal. It can be used internationally for both academic and professional purposes without any restrictions.

7. What is the duration of the process to obtain a degree?

Answer: The entire process takes approximately 30 days, divided as follows:

  • A) Registration and receiving login credentials: Within 5 business days.
  • B) Graduate registration and listing on the university website: Within 10 business days.
  • C) Degree issuance and mailing: Within 15 business days.
8. Is it possible to buy a real degree from an authentic University ?

Answer: Yes, Knowing that you traditionally have to spend at least 4 years of your life studying for an undergraduate degree on a day-to-day basis while paying thousands of dollars in tuition and living expenses on campus. however, the truth is that It is always possible to obtain a real degree from a reputable university in the form of RPL, which is based on legal and scientific documents and documents, and as a representative of the university, we can do this safely and confidentially for you.

9. Can I request the translation of my degree documents?

Answer: Yes, translation services are available for all academic degrees. You may request an official translation in your preferred language based on the image of your passport, directly through our website. Additional fees apply for these translation services.

10. What are the security features of your university degrees?

Answer: The International university (INTIAU) degrees include certain security features such as holograms, embossing, watermarks, and other passport-like printing and security features. (We are not able to mention them all here.) Additionally, the documents have QR codes and can be verified through the university's website.

11. Can I change my chosen program after submitting my application?

Answer: Regrettably, once an application has been processed, including the initiation of review and issuance procedures, changes to the selected program are not possible. We kindly advise applicants to thoroughly consider their program choice before submitting their application.

12. Is there a cancellation fee?

Answer: Yes, as stated in our terms and conditions, a cancellation fee of $500 has been implemented to discourage unnecessary cancellations. We urge you to review all provided information carefully to avoid any misunderstandings.

13. Am I eligible to apply for program ?

Answer: Eligibility is determined on a case-by-case basis.  it is necessary to submit an application with all relevant documentation and pay the non-refundable application fee of $50 for us to evaluate your qualifications.

14. Why should I trust ToHave as a legitimate institution?

Answer: ToHave is an internationally recognized institution affiliated with a major university. We uphold high academic and professional standards, ensuring that our degrees are credible and valuable in the competitive job market.

We offer bachelor's, master's and doctorate degrees from (INTIAU) International Azad University  UK and UAE branches.

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Azad University Najafabad branch: A Leading Institution in Isfahan-buy authentic and genuine university degree

Master's Degree Certification: Comprehensive Overview

Each Master’s degree certificate comes with a corresponding educational file and a detailed transcript, and is obtained entirely legally. These degrees can be verified on the university’s international website and have been certified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. They also feature a QR code for easy verification. Translations of the certificates and transcripts are available in various languages. Physical copies of the certificates are also dispatched to the applicant.


30 Days


Azad University UAE: A Hub of Education Excellence in Dubai-Global Recognitions

Comprehensive Details of Bachelor's Degree Certifications

Each Bachelor’s degree certificate comes with a corresponding educational file and a detailed transcript, and is obtained entirely legally. These degrees can be verified on the university’s international website and have been certified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. They also feature a QR code for easy verification. Translations of the certificates and transcripts are available in various languages. Physical copies of the certificates are also dispatched to the applicant.


30 Days

ph.d - Doctorate

Tehran Central Branch of Azad University: Empowering Scholars

PhD Degree Certifications: Extensive Information

Each PhD degree certificate comes with a corresponding educational file and a detailed transcript, and is obtained entirely legally. These degrees can be verified on the university’s international website and have been certified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. They also feature a QR code for easy verification. Translations of the certificates and transcripts are available in various languages. Physical copies of the certificates are also dispatched to the applicant.


30 Days

Course Search : Explore Courses at INTIAU

1 - Read the Conditions

Get to know all our Conditions and obligations and learn about all the steps and details, get to know the costs and validity of the education degrees.

2- Sign up

Register by clicking the sign-up button and you will enter your personal panel. Then upload your documents and order your desired degree with desired GPA and year of graduation.

3- Prepayment

Deposit $50 and wait for payment confirmation in your user panel.

4 - Get your degree - 24/7 Support

After confirming the payment, we will contact you via WhatsApp and email, and within 30 days, the documents will be sent to you according to the conditions and legally through the university.

ToHave is Official Representation for INTIAU International University

As the official representative of INTIAU International University, ToHave is proud to provide comprehensive services in the field of admission, RPL application and tuition fee management and processing for international students.

RPL Services at Tohave - Accelerate Your Academic Journey with Tohave's RPL Services

At Tohave, we validate your knowledge. Our RPL service allows you to get a university degree within 30 days. This service is provided legally and doing it through us is much cheaper than the university's own program.

CAS Letter Assistance - Seamless Transition to UK Education with INTIAU's CAS Support

Obtaining a Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) is a crucial step in your UK study visa application. Our expertise in academic admissions and thorough understanding of the UK's Home Office requirements ensure you receive your CAS letter without delays. With our support, the path to securing your spot at INTIAU International Azad University in the UK is clearer and more straightforward, opening doors to an enriching academic experience in one of the world's most esteemed education systems.

About The Services

You can verify our services through the INTIAU website, and we offer affordable RPL services, Academic Admissions, and assistance in obtaining your CAS letter.

We can process your application for workshops and academic programs on campus at INTIAU’s UK branch without the need for IELTS or PTE. With us, you can get your CAS (Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies, which is required by the Home Office) letter efficiently and at a lower cost.

Worldwide Acceptance and Verification

Internationally Accredited Degrees:

The degrees are recognized and accepted in  UK, UAE, Canada, USA, Germany, India, PakistanSaudi Arabia, as well as African, European, and Asian nations.

Globally Verifiable Credentials:

Degrees applied for under our supervision are fully verifiable through the issuing university systems worldwide, ensuring global legitimacy, acceptability and alignment with international academic standards.

Efficient and Online:

Our application process is designed for efficiency, allowing you to earn your degree within a month without the stress or need to legally attend class.

Fair and Transparent Payment Terms:

We offer reasonable payment options, with no requirement for full payment upfront. This approach ensures flexibility and convenience for our clients.

Verifying Your Eligibility:

We carefully prepare and send the required documents to the university to prove your eligibility for university degrees and guarantee that you will get the degrees 100%.

Ease of Degree Verification:

Each degree comes with a QR Code for direct linkage to the university’s verification system, firmly establishing its authenticity and ensuring its validity.

In today’s fast-paced world, the demand for higher education has never been greater. Yet, not everyone has the time, resources, or circumstances to pursue traditional educational paths. This has led to a significant interest in alternative solutions, where prospective students look to buy a degree. While this option can offer convenience and immediate benefits, it also comes with its own set of challenges and ethical considerations.

Understanding the Basics: What Does It Mean to Buy a Degree at Tohave ?

To “buy a degree” typically refers to obtaining a diploma from an accredited institution without following the traditional course of study. Instead, the degree is purchased for a fee. This practice is surrounded by controversy, primarily because it bypasses the educational and academic processes intended to ensure that a degree holder possesses the knowledge and skills associated with the degree.

The Legality and Risks Involved

Before considering purchasing a degree, it’s crucial to understand the legal implications. In many countries, buying a degree from a ‘diploma mill’—an institution that sells degrees without proper academic validation—is illegal. These degrees can often be easily identified and may not be recognized by employers, potentially leading to career setbacks or legal issues.

Ethical Considerations

Beyond legality, the ethical implications of buying a degree are significant. Education involves learning, discipline, and growth, not just a certificate. By purchasing a degree, individuals bypass these personal development stages, which can affect their professional capabilities and fairness in the job market.

Advantages of Buying a Degree at ToHave

Despite the risks, there are scenarios where buying a degree might seem appealing:

  • Time-Saving: For those who need to fulfill a formal requirement quickly for career advancement, buying a degree can appear as a shortcut.
  • Cost-Effective: Sometimes buying a degree can be less expensive than enrolling in a university program, especially when considering the opportunity costs of not working during that time.

What to Consider Before Buying a Degree at ToHave

If you are considering this route, take the following steps to minimize risks:

  • Research Thoroughly: Ensure the institution is credible. Look for accreditations and real reviews from graduates.
  • Consider Your Career Field: Some fields are more stringent about academic credentials. In fields like engineering or healthcare, a purchased degree is often outright dangerous and frowned upon.
  • Explore Legal Alternatives: Consider accredited online degrees or fast-track programs that offer legitimate qualifications in a shorter period.


While the option to buy a degree might offer a quick fix to educational requirements, it is fraught with legal, ethical, and professional risks. As the job market continues to evolve, the value of genuine knowledge and experience remains high. Therefore, it’s advisable to consider more traditional and recognized forms of education to secure a solid and respectable career. For those who still find the option viable, due diligence and careful consideration of all factors are imperative to avoid future complications.

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Personalized Documentation and Translation Services:


Complete the steps:

After reading the Conditions and deciding on your desired academic field and level, click the ‘Sign Up‘ button on the ToHave.co website and place your order.


Your Contribution:

You need only to provide a photo and an image of your ID card or passport. We manage the rest, preparing all necessary documentation to validate your eligibility.


Official Translations:

We provide official translations of the degrees into any language of your choice, complete with QR codes for easy and reliable verification.

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Their experiences speak volumes about the impact and reliability of our services at ToHave.

Amina Nkechi

African - Nigerian

“My experience with ToHave.co has been absolutely transformative. I’ve been able to use my newly acquired bachelor’s degree to further my education in the UK. The degree, being from an internationally recognized university, made my visa application process a breeze. I’m now on my way to achieving my dreams, all thanks to ToHave.co.”

Ahmed Al-Khalidi

Middle Eastern - UAE

“I am deeply grateful for the outstanding services provided by ToHave.co. Their process was straightforward and truly life-changing. I’ve successfully migrated to Canada, and I didn’t even need to take the IELTS exam because of the accredited degree I obtained through ToHave.co. This service has opened new doors for me in unimaginable and exciting ways.”

Hans Müller

European - German

“Thanks to ToHave.co, I finally landed the job I’ve been dreaming of for years. The lack of a formal degree was a major hurdle in my career, but now, I’m respected and often referred to as ‘Doctor’ at my workplace. It’s a great feeling to see all my official documents updated with my new academic title. This service has truly elevated my professional status.”

Emily Johnson

American - USA Citizen

“I am absolutely amazed by the service I received from ToHave.co. The affordability and quality far exceeded my expectations. It felt almost too good to be true. With the degree I secured through them, I’ve successfully established a fully-equipped beauty institute right here in the U.S. This degree not only made it possible to obtain all the necessary operating licenses but also significantly elevated my credibility in the industry. ToHave.co has been instrumental in turning my entrepreneurial dreams into reality.”

Rajesh Patel

Asian - Indian

“I was initially skeptical about ToHave.co, but their affordability and service quality have been a pleasant surprise. It’s hard to believe how smoothly everything went. Thanks to the degree I obtained, I’ve been able to secure a license for my manufacturing company. This degree has changed everything for me, turning my professional landscape from ground to sky. The transformation in my career, thanks to ToHave.co, has been remarkable, and the value and impact of this service truly astonishing.”

John Smith

European - British

“I can’t express enough how grateful I am to ToHave.co. Their service was impeccable, and the degree I received has helped me immensely. With it, I’ve been able to enroll for a Master’s program in the UK effortlessly. The university recognized my degree from a renowned international institution, making my visa application process smooth and successful. This degree has transformed my academic and professional outlook, opening doors to opportunities I had never imagined possible.”

Registering for an academic degree with inquiries and transcripts and a valid student number and international registration with a QR code with translation and approval by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs